Sizwe Nzima


MD: Iyeza Express


"Iyeza Express – Medicine on Wheels"


The story of Iyeza Express.


“I’m a 21 year old graduate of the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development. Together with four other guys on bikes, I collect and deliver medicine twice a month, depending on my clients’ needs, at a cost of just R10. I started Iyeza Express with two bicycles bought with a R10 000 prize I won for being the best entrepreneurial student at the Academy. More funding came from the SAB Foundation’s Social Innovation Awards (R100k), to further develop this innovative, potentially life-saving service and afford more bikes and helpers to carry out the deliveries. I’m currently in talks with the Department of Health to not only subsidise the project, but to also work out regulations and procedures, like clinic protocol and proper medicine handling, in order to make the process as efficient and safe as possible.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “I think its a good program to promote entrepreneurship becuase people just want to go and study and wait till they get a job but with entrepreneurship, they create jobs for themselves and for others. This will improve the high employment rate.”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? ? “A Africa with endless possibilities for young people to express themselves and their skills.”