Pro-Circuit Coaches

Richard Jamieson


Managing Partner at Mindful Revolution


"Pitching Practice : How to be a storyteller and pitch your dream idea"


“I’ll explore what it takes to communicate effectively, looking at some tools for structuring a short pitch for maximum impact. We’ll look at a few examples of good pitches, and then teams will have the opportunity to get feedback on what they’ve prepared so far."


“I began my meditation journey at the London School of Meditation nearly 10 years ago whilst working in the fast-paced world of corporate finance in London. Meditation was originally a way of helping me to focus my restless mind on what I needed to do in the moment. I have been meditating and exploring the many facets of mindfulness ever since. When I returned from London to Cape Town in 2006 I shifted from finance across to human development work – first as National Development Manager at the Democratic Alliance, and then as an independent coach and facilitator. In both of these roles I spent almost every day exploring how people, especially leaders, within organisations could be as effective as possible in their roles without sacrificing their physical and mental health to the cause. Many times I was tempted to offer my clients a one-word solution: mindfulness. Mindful Revolution gives me the opportunity to share an incredibly powerful set of mindfulness tools with people who desperately need them – those seeking to survive and thrive in today’s corporate jungle.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts?
“As an ex UCT student with great memories, I always love coming back to campus. For the Upstarts’ programme there's the added.”

“Let's not kid ourselves, this is not easy, given the dominant narrative about Africa. But I think that just makes it even more important that we challenge ourselves and others to reimagine a positive future- Africa as a source of innovation and inspiration for the rest of the world.”