Pro-Circuit Coaches

Mattias Axell

29 April

Kaospilot student


"How to use Creative and Dynamic Project Management Tools to move your Social Entrepreneurial idea forward"


What is Kaospilot? And what are Kaospilots doing during Outpost 2015 in Cape Town? Since 1991 Kaospilot has educated creative entrepreneurial leaders who do not try to fit in to the future but help shape it. A big part of the education is the Outpost where teams of Kaospilots move their learning opportunities to a radically different context. During this talk we will speak more about Kaospilot, the Outpost 2015 and case studies introducing a bunch of powerful tools for you to use to maximize the potential of your dream projects. These tools are used by Kaospilots to co-create sustainable change through projects with local partnership organisations in Cape Town!


“I often say I got derailed from my purely academic path during my gap year before University. It was mainly because I met Kaospilot students at a sustainability festival in Sweden. I realised then and there that I needed to change my plans for the future if I wanted to contribute with positive change that I wished to see. Since starting at Kaospilot I have founded my own consultancy firm, co-founded Folklabbet (People's Lab), a mobile pop-up lab providing social innovation through crowdsourced design-processes. I also co-founded a local chapter of the global Open Knowledge network working for open data and open source knowledge sharing. At the Kaospilot education I have been given the opportunity to work with my personal development in multiple aspects. It ranges from value-based and creative leadership, creative project management along with skills in creative business and process design. The Outpost, which has brought me to Cape Town is the concept of moving my classroom and learning space for a semester. It enables me to test and learn in a radically different context than what I am used to and I am loving every moment of Cape Town, South Africa and the learnings I receive here! ”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “Because Social Entrepreneurship & cross-disciplinary work are key drivers to a more sustainable society & world!”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? “I imagine Africa and its endless diversity to be the source of sustainable and innovative solutions!”