Dr Mark Vella ND

24 August

Director of School of Lifestyle Medicine


"Franklin's Secret"


Combining history, quantum physics, business science and wellness principles, I'll share how using a simple tool to guide your actions, will help you lead the life, and get the results you want. It will also give you a yardstick to measure your actions and results against.


“With 22 years of experience in wellness, entrepreneurship and education, and starting and strategically leading socially innovative organisations, I am one of South Africa’s foremost wellness innovators and thought leaders. My competence lies in the social innovation enterprise, education, strategic leadership, and wellness sectors, underpinned by 23 years of extensive experience as a Director, manager, educator, author, consultant, practitioner, project developer and thought leader. As a registered Naturopath with the AHPCSA, I have a Business Management Honours from The UCT Graduate School of Business, with further postgraduate studies in Western Medicine. I am currently the Director of The School of Lifestyle Medicine, which offers wellness programs to the corporate, professional and personal development markets. In 1992, I pioneered the first successful wellness and personal training centres for the Health and Racquet Group. In 2002 I started MASSAGE ON THE BEACH, which grew to 4 sites with 14 staff and a full service operation on South Africa’s busiest beaches. In 2005, I developed the not-for-profit Hand-up Hands-on Apprenticeship Program, which offered free personal and business skills education to trainees working at MOTB. I am the author of several wellness programs and qualifications, including the world’s first internet and call centre protocol database in Natural Medicine. My books have sold over 150 000 copies and have been translated into 9 languages. I am a regular trainer, consultant and guest speaker. I was a 2011 finalist in the Sanlam Entrepreneur of the Year Competition and made the final rounds of The Big Break Social Entrepreneurs Competition two years in a row. In 2012, I was a national adjudicator in the 2012 SEDA Small Business Stars Competition.”


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