Pro-Circuit Coaches

Marcus Coetzee

6 May 1-2PM

Strategy Consultant: Marcus Coetzee & Associates


“What’s special about a social enterprise & how to set one up ”


This workshop will explain what a social enterprise is and what makes it special. It will discuss some of the key principles of social enterprise thinking. It will also discuss how to set up a social enterprise, and some of the difficult choices that need to be made along the way.


“I am a strategy consultant with 18 years’ experience. I help leaders to think clearly about the future. I assist them to make sense of complexity and act decisively. I provide encouragement and hope when it is lacking. I offer new ways of seeing things. My passion is social enterprises. I believe that they are the perfect mix of social impact and business principles. My dream is that all businesses and nonprofit organizations are inspired by social enterprises. In the course of my career I have advised hundreds of NGOs, social enterprises, businesses and government projects, and helped many of them to improve their social impact and financial performance. And in order to promote social enterprise thinking, I have given talks at seminars, conferences and business schools, and been published in various magazines and newspapers. I work under brands such as the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise Academy, Citizen Surveys and Imani Development. I also co-host the Talking Social Enterprise online show. I have an Honours Degree in Business Science from the University of Cape Town, and a Masters Degree (summa cum laude) in Social Development from the University of the Western Cape. ”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “Great idea. It is very inspiring to see this many young people aspiring to become social entrepreneurs.”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? “I’d like to see much more social enterprise activity, with both businesses and nonprofit organizations striving to think like a social enterprise.”