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Lisa Firer


designer, entrepreneur, facilitator: Lisa Firer Design

pop-up activation:

"Brain Fuel, Body Butter and Soul Candy"


A crash course into Mindfulness Meditation Practice


“I am a designer and entrepreneur and have been making ceramics since 1996. In 2009 I trained and employed 2 studio assistants so that I could move out of production and focus on prototyping, design and managing the business. Concurrent to my creative work in the product arena, I have pursued a passionate interest in human development. I love being part of co-creative projects that will support the growth, thriving and well-being of individuals and organisations using the diverse tools I have gathered on my life journey. I consider myself a designer in a very broad sense of the word. With a background in education and psychology, ceramic design, mindfulness and dance-movement, I currently design learning programmes focusing on entrepreneurship, creativity, mindfulness, presence and embodiment. Examples of these are Creative Awareness, an 8-module forming part of Creativity in Business with post-graduate students of Entrepreneurship at UCT School of Management Studies. I have introduced the practice of mindfulness to MBA students at the UCT Graduate School of Business annually since 2007 and also bring my work to various other programmes offered through GSB Executive Education, including Business Acumen for Artists.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “An amazing opportunity to grow a spirit of students who see there ability to contribute to this country!”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? “I imagine a New Africa full of individuals who have had the spaces and resources to develop compassionate self-awareness. An Africa where we can offer this compassion-in-action to ourselves, others and world around us. This way of being rippling outwards. An Africa where connections are grown, where open-heartedness and open-mindedness are valued as amongst the most precious of things.”