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Lara Roux


Yoga Teacher

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"Brain Fuel, Body Butter and Soul Candy"


Yoga class


“After spending many years abroad and traveling the world with the additional delight of practicing yoga in various exotic locations, such as Fiji, Borneo, Bali, Malaysia & Palau to name but a few. I decided to dedicate my life to teaching yoga, and thus have completed 2 teacher trainings, in two styles -Vinyasa and Forrest. These Intensives trainings where completed both in South Africa and Chicago. I have also had the privilege to traina nd do workshops with top teachers found locally in Cape Town and those abroad. I seek always to bring a sense of strength, integrity and beauty of Spirit to my classes. I teach at numerous studios in Cape Town and also do Corporate and Private sessions on a daily basis.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “I just love the idea of UCT Upstarts, and feel it will create more balanced, well-rounded, and conscious individuals”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? “I believe we are very much already in a phase of a New Africa. Growing up in the 80's and 90's and looking at life as it is now, one can certainly see and feel the changes to our country, its people and the way things are done. Change is never easy but it is beautiful.”