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Christoff Oosthuysen




"How to achieve great results & live your life purpose with a 1-page business plan"


"In just one hour, Christoff Oosthuysen will introduce you to a powerful tool that will allow you to apply new thinking in entrepreneurship, such as Lean Startup and Effectuation, to your own situation. And he will leave you with key insights into your own natural strengths, the game you play as leader in your organisation or business, and practical ways for you to create a well-functioning and productive team. You will learn about the five questions to all answers, the natural energetic cycle through which you create a “spiral of success” and easy ways to use the Flow Canvas 1-Page Business Plan in your own context. "


“I help startup entrepreneurs and owner-managers of growing businesses to create something very special where they can make a difference by realising their life purpose, while also achieving great business success. Over the past 20 years I’ve helped thousand of entrepreneurs to find their flow in what they do — either through participation in planning workshops or my one-on-one coaching support. As creator of the Flow Canvas 1-Page Business Plan I frequently speak and deliver keynotes on new-paradigm-thinking in creating business success. I published a book on this topic too with the title “Results! How To Succeed In A Fast-Changing World With A 1-Page Business Plan”. From my base in Cape Town, I work as entrepreneurial coach for clients of South African business development institutions such the IDC, NEF, Business Partners and Seda. I’m also Producer of and work closely with NGOs such as Open Africa. My own entrepreneurial journey is firmly embedded in the media industry where I created new titles and sold some into multi-national firms. And as Publisher of Small Business Connect, I’m still to this day involved in offering South African entrepreneurs with useful information.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “With useful tools, talented young entrepreneurs can make a huge difference to the quality of the world we live in. ”

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