Chris Loker

24 August

Managing Director of Water Financial


"Where the bucks stop"


In the world economy the flow of money is paramount - there is a reason its called ‘CAPITAL’ism – because its all about the money, and where it goes. A strict focus on financial returns has meant that very often projects with negative social and/or environmental impact have received capital, while projects offering measurable benefits to society have not been allocated much-needed capital with which to grow and expand. Money, especially savings, is fundamental to the way we live our lives - like clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare and education - likewise money is needed to finance solutions to the real problems we face, especially climate change, the environment and poverty. So the question is: “how do we change the flow?” .


“I am Chris Loker, previously a bank/investment exec who now consults to financial services companies on business strategy. I am the founder of a Sustainable Finance company that aims to change the flow of money to businesses and projects committed to social/environmental development. I also have interests in entrepreneurial ventures including wellness and entertainment. I have a Business Science degree from UCT together with other qualifications in finance. In 1990 I led a South African delegation to an international student conference in Japan on sustainable development and feel it's about time I got off the fence on the subject. ”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts? “We need to address poverty, inequality & the environment with an entrepreneurial mindset, programmes like Upstarts will catalyse this.”

HOW DO YOU ‘IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA’? “Investors are rushing to Africa – at this inflection point we can choose our future by investing wisely today. ”