POP up Workshop: "How to achieve great results & live your life purpose with a 1-page business plan"


29 JULY 1-2PM

Christoff Oosthuysen has helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their flow in what they do, and how to make a difference by realising their life purpose, while also achieving great business success. As creator of the Flow Canvas 1-Page Business Plan, he’ll introduce you to a powerful tool that will allow you to apply new thinking in entrepreneurship, such as Lean Startup and Effectuation, to your own situation. He’ll leave you with key insights into your own natural strengths, the game you play as leader in your organisation or business, and practical ways for you to create a well-functioning and productive team. You’ll also learn about the five questions to all answers, the natural energetic cycle through which you create a “spiral of success” and easy ways to use the Flow Canvas 1-Page Business Plan in your own context.

NB: Pop-up Class in “The Change Room” (yellow curtain) @ The Leslie Social Sciences Building/Mezzanine Level.

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