"Crowdfunding South Africa: How to crowd-fund your socially innovative start-up idea.""


22 APRIL 1-2PM

Patrick Schofield has always believed that successful entrepreneurship is reflected in what a company contributes to society alongside the profits it makes. Because of this the businesses he’s started have had a community focus, from community magazine Billboard to Streetwires bead and wire enterprise, for which he was named Schwab/Ernst&Young Social entrepreneur of the year for South Africa & Africa in 2009/10. Looking for business that had scope across Africa, and the power to deliver powerful positive change, he became passionate about crowdsourcing and crowdfinancing, and in 2014 Thundafund.com was born. It focuses on a low risk, customer driven, socially aware way of raising capital for new ideas and innovations that want to be launched into the world. He’s here to show you how to get your socially innovative start-up idea onto Thundafund.com by 7th September.

NB: Pop-up Class in “The Change Room” (yellow curtain) @ The Leslie Social Sciences Building/Mezzanine Level.

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