POP up Workshop: "How technology can solve real-world problems"



Speaker #1

Elizabeth Gould is the Co-Founder & CEO of codeX, which is growing the next generation of African coders. She believes that developers with strong product focus and problem solving skills are what Africa needs. As a veteran journalist and executive producer, she’s traveled around the continent telling stories of the entrepreneurs, investors, and companies building Africa’s digital future for Bloomberg TV Africa. She has a deep and longstanding passion for economic development in Africa, and believes arming people with the tools to build creative products and companies is the key to its future. Elizabeth will walk through some of the steps every entrepreneur needs to take to get a startup off the ground by sharing her experiences and lessons, and will interact with you directly to show how technology can solve real-world problems.

Speaker #2

Robyn Farah is the founder of KAT-O, a hardware/technology prototyping company, which hosts #TechTalkCPT. She is also the founder of Makers & Innovators, where every garage is a potential micro-factory & every citizen a potential micro-entrepreneur. With a background in instrumental and electronic composition, she got into electronics so that she could help make everyday objects come to life with sound, allowing the manipulation, interaction and/or processing of sound more accessible to the public. She’ll be talking about being a small business owner in the technology, and especially the hardware sector.

NB! Today’s Pop-up Workshop will NOT take place in the’ CHANGE ROOM’, but will be in the space behind and above Java Junction, and above the Leslie Social Mezzanine Level.

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