POP up Class: “Wood for the trees: The most important lessons in building a purpose-driven organization.“


27 JULY 1-2PM

As a Yale University World Fellow and an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow, Saul Kornik is a strong advocate for leadership through a measurable culture. His ability to lead Africa Health Placements (AHP), a "social-profit" organisation that helps plan for, place and retain crucial health resources where they are most needed, from inception through various stages of growth, has been built through his studies, trial-and-error, hard work, as well as his mentorship and fellowship opportunities.

Saul believes that many people have ideas about what the world needs, but few take the steps to turn those ideas into pragmatic solutions that can be implemented. Today, he’ll share his personal experience in taking part in building the organization that is AHP – including the mistakes he made, what he wished he’d known before he started, what it takes to pragmatically convert a purpose into daily operations, and how culture is central to leadership and organizational design.

NB: Pop-up Class in “The Change Room” (yellow curtain) @ The Leslie Social Sciences Building/Mezzanine Level.

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