"Conscious Capitalism - The Integrated View: Capital, Humanity and the Earth"



Guy Lieberman is a social innovator, green entrepreneur, human rights activist and former filmmaker. Since the early 90's he’s been involved in a variety of projects promoting global citizenship and ethical sustainability. His focus is to collaborate with thought leaders, captains of industry and sustainability experts to explore innovative ways to address balancing the scales of ecosystem security and human development. He’s going to share the amazing story behind his brainchild - the Giant Flag - a 66 hectare South African Flag, made up of two and half million coloured desert succulents and a 4 megawatt solar field in the Karoo, which will be a direct example of how a zero-carbon, innovation economy can function and succeed, while simultaneously generating a national pride campaign, the impact of which will be felt by the local community, throughout the nation, and across the globe.

NB: Pop-up Class in “The Change Room” (yellow curtain) @ The Leslie Social Sciences Building/Mezzanine Level.

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