Team Meet-up!


30 April - 2pm

Hangout on Friday Thursday (1-2pm) for your weekly Team Meet-up on the Upstarts’ Virtual Hub. Our week-by-week, open-source “Tips & Actions” are a curated collection of guidelines and methodologies to help you take actionable steps from inspiration to ideation to iteration to implementation! All you need to do is use Google Tools to interact with your team members, or create (video) journals to document your actions, or record your research, or design a pitch presentation, or set a weekly to-do list, or build a business plan, etc,on your start-up journey to “IMAGINE A NEW AFRICA”. Your ‘Team Effort’ will be recorded and measured, and the team to score the highest on the leaderboard will win amazing Red Bull Extreme Team Experiences!

NB: (Monday is a public holiday, so Mindblowing Monday will default to Tuesday 28 April) Pop-up Class in “The Change Room” (yellow curtain) @ The Leslie Social Sciences Building/Mezzanine Level.